Welcome to JK Quarter Horses.

We have been involved with horses for a lifetime but have bred and raised quarter horses since 2001.  During this time, I have owned five stallions and produced numerous foals – some of which have gone on to have very successful careers.

My focus has changed away from a breeding program but I still produce prospects from Calculated SI 99 and select a few young geldings at production sales here in Montana and South Dakota.

The horses I raise will have been born in pastures and have learned how to survive, handle their feet and legs in rough terrain, and are raised in the types of conditions horses thrive in.  They are around cattle as yearlings, started under saddle as two year olds, but not ridden excessively until they are three.  I stick with the bloodlines I know and am familiar with.  This gives me predictability in the horses I market.  And, because I am around them from the time they are very young, it gives me a solid feel for the disposition and capabilities of the horses.  We want to be sure we fit horses to a situation or person that is going to be a good match.

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